Recovery & rolling hills…

Recovery & rolling hills…

In my last blog post I said I was going to become a runner due to not being able to paddle for a month because of my elbow injury, since that post I feel like I have learnt a lot about myself! Some things i’ve learnt include, I can run further than 12km’s and actually enjoy running now! secondly, I probably needed the rest from paddling to re-charge and set sights on new goals and lastly to spend time being the ‘supporter’ for once, a lot of races require a support person weather it’s on a boat, driving the car or just general support. It’s been great to support my other half, Sam at NZ races and be his number 1 supporter!

I’ve been running quite a lot to keep my cardio fitness up whilst I wasn’t on the water. At first I would struggle to get over 10-12km’s but now I am loving it! I even purchased some Nike Pegasus Zoom’s and I feel like I’m a professional runner!!! (jokes) but I must say it makes a difference! I thought to myself why not set some sort of running goal?! Next thing, i’ve entered myself into the Devonport half marathon, little did I know this course consists of mainly rolling hills and gosh are hills my nemeses! I have a goal time of 1hr 50mins so we will have to see how I go with all the hills! This half marathon is now less than 2 weeks away and I am nervous but excited at the same time to achieve something new!

After my final PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection I had to wait about a week for the inflammation to go down and let the tendon settle, then about 3 weeks ago I got the go ahead from my specialist to began paddling. First it was every second day for 30mins easy pace and now I am up to 75mins easy pace every day with no pain in my elbow which is awesome!! Hopefully from now on I can begin slowing increasing the intensity and putting more pressure on the blade during each stroke. It sure is awesome to be back on the water as I missed it ALOT!!!It feels strange not being able to put much pressure/power into each stroke but it’s a great time to work on my technique and perfect that as much as possible while I can!

I’ve set myself a couple of big goals over the next coming weeks and am also attending some big races including the Dragon Run in Hong Kong and the Perth Doctor which are both in November. Then I will head over to Sydney in December for the 20 Beaches! I can’t wait for these major upcoming races am sure the best of the best from around the world will be attending so it will be tough racing!

Keep an update for my next blog in  regards to my paddling updates and half marathon!!!!

Happy Paddling

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