Maui Jim Molokai World Champs

Maui Jim Molokai World Champs

The Molokai World Champs is a 52km paddle from the island of Molokai across the ‘Channel of Bones’ to the land of Oahu. This channel is known to be one of the World’s most dangerous channels due to its large swells, winds, currents and no land for miles! In 2014 I went into Molokai with no real expectations of how I would perform, it was by far the longest race I would have done and I really had no idea or what to expect. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to win, it’s in my nature and I don’t accept anything less from myself. 2014 Molokai took me 4hrs and 33minutes and I came home with the win (11 minutes ahead of the next female). After the race I thought to myself no way am I ever doing that again… I had blisters on my hands I couldn’t count for and was in a world of pain.

2 years later and I’m back…. about a year ago I thought to myself I want to be the female with the most Molokai win’s… I want to break the Molokai female race record!

Over the past 6 months training has been pretty intense.. Luckly my awesome Partner & Coach Sam Mayhew and I had sat down every week and planned the sessions to work in with my shift work. Long paddles up to 4 1/2 hours, 5KM Time Trials, and intense threshold sessions were among them as well as recovery sessions. After King of The Harbour I knew I was in the right place, I was fit, healthy and just needed to maintain this and increase the distance paddles. Unfortunately a week ago I was hit with some sort of virus/cold.. This is not the optimum preparation I would have wanted but it may not be the worst thing for me having a long taper!

With Molokai approaching fast and race date in just over a week the nerves are starting to kick in! I am not one to really show my nerves and let other people know how nervous I get I just seem to keep it to myself! Nerves are different and handled differently by everyone.. I’ve always been one to get pretty nervous event to the point of when I was younger I used to be sick before racing. Thankfully I’ve learned to control it! I believe some nerves are a good thing.. if you don’t have any then your not in the right frame of mind..

On Tuesday morning Sam and I fly out to Hawaii where we will have a couple of training runs before the race on Sunday just to make sure the ski is set up correctly and to get used to the wind & swells. As well as a couple of recovery days and some light paced sight seeing!

Be sure to check out my Facebook page for updates in Hawaii!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my sponsors, family & friends for all that you do for me and helping me get here! Epic Kayaks, Vaikobi, Pita pit NZ, Balance Sports Nutrition SOS Rehydrate, AUT Millennium, Orewa Massage Worx

Happy Paddling!


Post work paddle from Mairangi Bay, Photo: Sam Mayhew Go Pro

Feature Image: Josh Neilson Photography

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