Moving on up!

Moving on up!

Since my last post I unfortunately haven’t been able to do any races, my main goal was to get my elbow back to 100% prior to doing any racing and coming back too soon. I’m now at a point where I can comfortably say i’m back to being 100%, i’ve been training full on for the past 3 weeks and it’s been great. It definitely hasn’t been easy especially when I felt like I had lost all my strength and top end speed but I believe i’m in a pretty good space right now both mentally and physically. I’ve also kept up the running side of things aiming for approximately 25km’s a week to keep that good cardio running base fitness going!

I was recently asked by the Waitemata Canoe Club if I could hold a couple of coaching clinics for their paddlers. I’ve just finished a 5 week clinic with their members that wanted some coaching assistance with their paddling. It was awesome to see a range of abilities, men and women and also craft including spec skis, ocean skis, multi-sport and K1’s. I love passing on my knowledge and helping others gain skills and improve their technique. it’s a great feeling when you see the paddlers smiling because they’re not only understand what your teaching them but they are loving what they are doing!!!

Over the past 2 Tuesday nights our local surf ski races have started back, this was a true test for me to see how my elbow would handle it. But rest assured it was fine! I was nervous about how I would go, loosing that top end speed and really only doing very ‘easy’ paddling for the past month or so but it turns out I had nothing to worry about! These races are only between 5-8km’s so you don’t really have time to muck around.. It’s all go from the start. I surprised myself a little bit in both of races doing really well coming 4th overall both weeks, and most importantly my elbow was pain free! wohoooooo! I guess for me doing those local races puts me in a good head space moving forward over the next couple of weeks.

In 2 weeks time I’ll be racing at the Hong Kong Dragon run (where World Champs were last year) This will be my 3rd time back to Hong Kong racing on this course and i’m pretty excited to be going back! The course is usually a pretty technical 22km race with all types of conditions including side,head and downwind during the course of the race! This year the prize money has been increased and also equaled to the men thanks to Steelcase, Shaw & Partners and China Asset Management! With the prize money being so large it makes the race more attractive and brings the best paddlers from around the world which is so awesome to be racing the best of the best!!!! I am pretty excited to race here in a couple of weeks and put it all on the line.

After the Dragon Run i’ll be heading over to China to visit one of my major sponsors, the Epic Kayaks factory which will be an insight to see where all the ski’s are made and how everything is produced and also to meet the team behind it all!! I’ve never been to China so it will be a new experience and it will be awesome seeing some of the local Chinese sights and possibly some baby panda’s!

After the Dragon Run race there are then two major races in Australia i’ll be heading to. The Doctor held in the famous Perth, Western Australia and also the Shaw & Partners 20 Beaches in Sydney so stay tuned for more info on those races shortly!

Happy Paddling

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